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23 July 2006 @ 07:25 am
Got bored. Need a change. You still want to be spammed by 500 entries within 2 days, add uvrism.

I will ignore this account in a few days ^_^ Everything except acratings will be deleted. (Just for appearance sake, ya know ;P)

Thought ya'alls would love to know ^_^ Love~
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22 July 2006 @ 08:10 pm
Oh my God!!! Finally! Lyssa is so happy!!! (Yes...she's CHOU HAPPY!)

Well....a few days ago there was this lovely storm. The next morning...our phone line was out....lovely, huh! Anyway...we were told we wouldn't have internet until Sunday evening, BUT...LYSSA IS SO HAPPY XD!!

Lyssa does bad things when there's nothing to do.....

See?Collapse )

ANYWAY! POOR EVERYONE ELSE DX Lyssa's internet's back, she's no longer bored at 4 in the morning! YOU SHALL FEEL HER WR-

OHH! Samantha gave me a red Pikachu shirt :D it's really nice -nods-

See?Collapse )

OK! I will submit this before my internet fucks out again :D LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
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19 July 2006 @ 05:54 pm
Bush obviously doesn't realize something here....unused embryo's just go to the trashcan anyway. You're not doing any good by saying you can't do this.



I hate the states.

OH GOODY! Weird weather! It's very nice outside, at least :D Very cool...well...not anymore, now that it blew away DX Power started to flicker, so I had to go >_>; Then mum made me go out and get a few things lol. We had a talk with our neighbor aboot nothing whilst I cleaned up the strawberry pot that blew over and broke :3

It was really nice T_T I miss it. COME BACK!! Poo.....
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19 July 2006 @ 01:44 am
I wish I knew someone who lived in Japan! Then I could ask them to send me the Moll'e Node DVD XD

I would really like that...but I don't want to go through the trouble of ordering it =_=''' BECAUSE!!!!! I can't find it on convenient sites like CDJapan or stuff that's in english...it's only on Japanese only sites XD

Since the beaU site is down, I'm going through the Moll'e Node one XD Shina is a real camwhore, it's really cute! I can now have 1000 icons of him lol. ((Ok....maybe 20 :D))

UHM...maybe I can have someone upload it for me...but no one seems to know about it......


I should check google video....I will stop with these posts >_>;;

Oh...fuck me...you're KIDDING!!!

Some idiot couldn't read the J-Rocker's thingspace profile and got their panties in a twist. Now they're writing 500 bulletins saying "HOW TO TELL A FAKE J-ROCKER!"

OBVIOUSLY IT'S NOT THE REAL ONE!!! J-Rockers wouldn't waste their time with something as stupid and thingspace! -sighs- It's just annoying that someone thinks shit like that =_='''


I want a new screen name...but I'm not sure what to get. TIME TO RAID DICTIONARY.COM~!!!!! Babelfish and dictionary.com....best sites...ever. ♥


Read Koori!!! The Ice Cold Demon's Tale(something like that). There's only bits and pieces where they only kiss(so far, and it's on the sixth volume). It's a lot of angst, but, all in all, it's a really good story! Even if you're not into yaoi, read, read, read!! (you can skip the pages where they kiss if it bothers you THAT much...but honestly...it's like...once every three volumes.)

ANYWAY! Read angst, die happy. Night.
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18 July 2006 @ 07:34 pm
Aurora, Melissa, and anyone else who finds it stimulating to clean things....

...............................Collapse )

Love you ^_^

I do hope Aaron plans on paying me back...otherwise that 15 dollars meant to buy porn for myself was wasted feeding an unappreciative bastard....
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